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Meet the Cullberg Ballett & KammarensembleN at the Fotografiska
Sunday May 6, 2012 at 13.00-14.00 and 15.00-16.00

Included in the entrance fee (110/80 sek)

Fotografiska | Stora Tullhuset Stadsgårdshamnen 22 | 116 45 Stockholm |
T-bana Slussen | 08-50 900 500

Cullberg Ballet, KammarensembleN and Fotografiska collaborate in a new work, specially composed for Fotografiska. Musicians and dancers meet in this improvised work, based on the collaboration between the varying textures in dance, music and image.

Five instrumental solo pieces from the 20th century form the basis and images from the photographer Fanny Oldenburg projected on the walls, create landscapes together with dance and music. The work is presented within the frame of Cullberg Out in context, the company’s site specific project that takes parts of the company’s activity out of its usual context to other settings than the traditional.

Sunday 6 May, Fotografiska at 13:00-14:00 and 15:00-16:00

Dancers, Cullberg Ballet:

Alexandra Campbell, Agnieszka Dlugoszewska, Hanako Hoshimi-Caines, Johanna Lindh, Andrea Martini, Gesine Moog, Shumpei Nemoto, Victoria Roberts, Luis Alberto Rodriguez, Adam Schütt, Daniel Sjökvist, Csongor Szabó, Patricia Vázquez, Eszter Czédulás (apprentice from Rotterdamse Dansacademie), Fem Rosa Has (apprentice from Rotterdamse Dansacademie)

Musicians, KammarensembleN:
Eva Lindal, violin
Göran Fröst, viola
Jörgen Pettersson, saxophone
Ivo Nilsson, trombone
Jonny Axelsson, percussion

Bruno Maderna, Piece for Ivry, violin
Paul Hindemith, Solosonat op 25:1, viola
Luciano Berio, Sequenza 5, trombone
Martin Q Larsson, Wrench, soprano saxophone
Per Nørgaard, Waves, percussion

Photographer Fanny Oldenburg
Fanny Oldenburg is educated at Nordens Fotoskola, Biskops Arnö, 2003-2006. She is active as a photographer with television, theatre and dance, with an extensive production behind her. This is her first collaboration with Cullberg Ballet.

Cullberg Ballet
Cullberg Ballet has performed all over the world and is an important element in the international presentation of Swedish culture. The company also engages in national outreach through its tours within Sweden. The company collaborates with a variety of national and international choreographers and performing artists who create works for large as well as small stages. Cullberg Ballet’s activities encompass projects and productions including site specific appearances and collaboration with dance training programs. Anna Grip is the company’s artistic director. Cullberg Ballet was founded by Birgit Cullberg in 1967 under the auspices of Riksteatern. The company currently has 16-18 dancers from nearly as many countries. Since its inception, the stage personalities and technical strength of its dancers have been Cullberg Ballet’s defining characteristics. Cullberg Ballet is part of Riksteatern, Sweden’s National Touring Theatre.


KammarensembleN (KeN) was founded 1984 in Stockholm and has since the beginning had a leading role on the Swedish scene for new music. In collaboration with directors, lighting designers, and video artists, KammarensembleN has presented several acclaimed concerts, in Sweden as well as abroad. The ensemble has 18 members, since Franck Ollu is the artistic director.


Thu 26 May
Royal College of Music, Stockholm

Three young composers and three young conductors meets KammarensembleN in three world premieres


Wed 13 April
Italian Cultural Institute
, Stockholm
Music by Giacinto Scelsi

Thu 10 March
Goethe Institute
, Stockholm

Contemporary Chamber music by German composers
Contemporary music confronts Beethoven…

Thu 9 December at 7pm

Italian Cultural Institute, Stockholm
Music by Italian Fabio Cifariello Ciardi for futuristic and acoustic instruments.
Renato Rivolta conducts and KammarensembleN plays.

KOMPONERADE RUM (Composed rooms)
Mon 29 Nov at 9pm
Liljevalchs Konsthall, Stockholm
World Premiere with music by Malin Bång and Jesper Nordin.
Conductor: Franck Ollu (pictured)
Swedish Radio live broadcast.

Thu 25 November at 7 pm
Italian Cultural Institutet
, Stockholm (pictured)
Contemporary Romanian composers in the spotlight!
This concert is part of the contemporary concert series DoubleDouble.


Sat 13 November at 6:30pm
Sound of Stockholm atCapitol, S:t Eriksgatan 82
We help celebrate Samtida Musik (Contemporary Music)’s 50th Anniversary with music by Maurice Karkoff, Györg Kurtag, Madeleine Isaksson, John Zorn and Galina Uzvoldskaya!


Fri 8 October, Palladium, Malmö
Opening concert of the contemporary music festival Connect

Mon 10 October at 9 pm
Liljevalchs Konsthall, Stockholm

New music by Paula af Malmborg Ward (pictured), Ivo Nilsson and Staffan Storm.
Conductor: Fredrik Malmberg
Swedish Radio live broadcast.

Mon Sep 27 at 7pm

Italian Cultural Institute, Stockholm
A portrait of the German composer and clarinet virtuoso Jörg Widmann.This concert is part of the contemporary concert series DoubleDouble.

GRADUATION CONCERT: Per Egland & Johan Ullén
Wed 26 May, 2010 at 6 pm
Stora Salen,
Royal College of Music, Stockholm

We continue our annual tradition of performing music by graduating composers from the Royal College of Music, Stockholm.
Music by Per Egland and Johan Ullén.
KammarensembleN conducted by students from the masters course in conducting.

Part of the festival ljudOljud!
Detailed program at www.kmh.se/ljudoljud

Arts night at Romanian Cultural Institute
Sat April 24 at 7pm and 9.30pm

Live music with KammarensembleN members
Ivo Nilsson and Jörgen Pettersson plays contemporary music for trombone and saxophone.

The program contains tre works by young Romanian composers: The last scream of the unicorn by Diana Rotaru (European premiere!), Girospira by Cristian Marina and Ak-sax by Adrian Borza.
Romanian Cultural Institute, Skeppsbron 20 Stockholm.
More information on the program here

Thu 15 April at 7pm

Italian Cultural Institute, Stockholm (map)
Music set to video art by Gary Hill, from the collections of Moderna Museet.
Music by Malin Bång, Jonas Bohlin, Victoria Borrisova Ollas, Henrik Strindberg, Britta Byström, Catharina Backman and Ivo Nilsson.

vignette_hurel7FRENCH FRISSON
Composer portrait: Philippe Hurel
11 February at 7pm
Italian Cultural Institute, Stockholm (map)

Mon 8 Feb at 9pm
Liljevalchs Konsthall, Stockholm
KammarensembleN, Harmony of Voices and Fredrik Malmberg
Music by Morton Feldman, Steve Reich and Edgar Varèse

Composer portrait: Emanuele Casale
10 December at 7pm
Italian Cultural Institute, Stockholm
Composer portrait: Emanuele Casale

Composer portrait: Ivan Fedele
5 November at 7pm
Italian Cultural Institute, Stockholm
Composer portrait: Ivan Fedele

24 October
Dieselverkstaden, Stockholm
”Construction in space” by Olga Neuwirth

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